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Almirun Common Libraries
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Author: Joshua Mostafa (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: April 23, 2008 11:50 PM
Version: 0.0.1
Views: 73,892
Downloads: 2,993
License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)


An ActionScript 3 class library.

These are utility classes for use in any ActionScript 3 development; they are non-intrusive, assuming no particular project structure or programming methodology. Mostly, they provide ports of functionality enjoyed by developers on other platforms but not implemented in AS3. Until now.

This is intended to be a growing library of stable utility classes, so a full description is impossible at this point, but so far, the library includes:

- A TimeFormatter class that is a thin OO wrapper around an AS3 port of the strftime() function that will be familiar to C and PHP programmers.

- A LoremIpsumGenerator class that uses the REST interface from Lipsum.com to retrieve "lorem ipsum" filler text; its API and behaviour are similar to the Java LoremIpsum4J class, but not identical (loading data over HTTP is asynchronous in AS3).

- A StringManipulator class that provides some string handling functions that developers from the PHP or Perl worlds will find familiar, and AS3 developers dealing with text will find useful.

- An Inspector class that provides convenient access to children and n-level descendents of a DisplayObjectContainer, as well as utility methods to access such descendents filtered by type. A bit like the DOM function getElementsByClass().

- Some Papervision3D goodies ... a PapervisionCameraController class that provides keyboard control for a Papervision3D FreeCamera3D object. A quick and dirty hack, but one I've found pretty useful on 3D AS3 projects. Also a 3D graph class.

- A simple BatchedQuery class that lets you run an SQL batch file against an SQLite database (AIR-only).

The library is LGPL-licensed. Basically (and this is not legal advice, just my own probably oversimplified understanding), the LGPL means that if you actually extend (modify, add to, remove from) the library, it remains Open Source, but if you are just use (compile against) the library in your project, your project remains your own. So you can use this library in commercial projects without compromising your (or your employer's) copyright. For more view the LPGL link above.

API documentation is included with the download file and in the repository; but for your convenience, it's also available on the web. See the "External Project URL" link.


Anything that compiles ActionScript 3: Flash CS3, Flex Builder 2+, or just the Flex SDK.

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